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Fuel Surcharge Announcement:

Fuel prices have spiraled upward and are higher than ever in our history. We have made every effort to hold our shipping price, but it appears this situation will last longer than expected. Due to the critical nature of the current situation, we can no longer continue to absorb these increased costs.

Therefore, we must implement a temporary fuel surcharge on all domestic and international shipments shipped on our account. The fuel surcharge for domestic shipments will be $ 3.00 and $ 10.00 for international shipments. The surcharge will be independent of our base shipping rate and appear as a separate entry on your invoice. The surcharge will be effective June 27th, 2022.  Once our costs return to 2021 levels, we will remove the surcharge.

Please remember you always have the option to choose your carrier and use your account number for all CSI shipments. 

We value our partnership and appreciate your understanding.

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