Best Practices for Measuring Color by Color Solutions International

CSI generates the Master Electronic Standard from the Master Physical Standard using either CSI’s Datacolor SF 600 CT spectrophotometer and ColorTools QC Software, Version 3.04 (or higher) or a Net Profiled GretagMacbeth Colori 7000A spectrophotometer and Colori QC version 3.62 (collectively, the “Instrument”).  CSI’s Instruments have been certified by the manufacturers to be within the close tolerance specification of their master Instruments, or are profiled using proprietary software. CSI verifies on a weekly basis the performance of its Instruments to be within that tolerance level by measurement of a characterized BCRA tile set or through profiling.  CSI stores the Master Physical Standard flat inside a BHT free plastic bag in a dark area when not in use.

CSI generates the Master Electronic Standard based on the following:

1. Conditioning the Master Physical Standard for a minimum of two hours according to ASTM D-1776 standard procedure for conditioning and testing textiles:

Temperature 70° F ± 2° and Relative Humidity 65% ± 2%.

2. Spectrophotometer settings:  

Large area of view aperture (30mm), UV illumination excluded, specular component included.

3. Fabric presentation:   

Fold to 4 layers for opacity and measure 4 times, re-positioning and rotating 90° between each measurement.